yeah well maybe I hurt you some. let’s contrast and compare. lift up your shirt, the wound isn’t there.

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this sucks cause you’re so cute but I would rather die than date a coworker again. I’ll be your work hubby but I won’t let it end like the last time.

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plot twist: instead of continuing to pollute the earth with machines and continue on this path to a future where we join with the robots and computers to become immortal robot cyborgs what if we just used our science to join the plants??? and become symbiotic with them instead and we all turn green and have leafs that absorb sunlight BOOM photosynthesis, and we make our food from the sun and become awesome peaceful elf people who embrace our planet instead of fighting it

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when someone who fucked you over gives you that wounded animal eye contact

1. no

2. first of all how dare you

3 nop lost the right to look

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or was I just scared? I only know I never wanted to get left behind.

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just need a cute girl to give me back rubs and let me roll my blunts on her butt

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I used to be picky about who I followed but I don’t have time for negativity if it would make u happy if I followed ya and you like this I will :D

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